CV Track Notification Panel.

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Make your inbox work for you.

Upload Your CV

Track your emails and CV. Get real-time insights on what content & CV is helping you close your dream jobs.

Send Your CV

Send smarter and faster with you own personal email account. Just forward the tracked CV and email to the target and get notified.

Get Notified when Viewed

An easy way to ensure that every email along with CV you send is reached and viewed and get notified by emails and in notifications panel.

How it Works!

Upload CV To System

Sign In and upload your CV to CVticker & it must be in format of .docx or .pdf . Only Docx format is allowed if you want to get accurate insights when CV is opened and viewed.

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Fill Details For Tracking

Go to track CV panel fill recruiter email address and rest of the fields according to display and click proceed it and we will send tracked mail to your registered mail later. Goto your personal account and forward mail to recruiter.

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See Tracked Insights

Now after forwarding email, go to notification panel and see all tracking information like mail and CV opens date and time manage all your data of tracked info. CVticker will notify you via mail on your registered email about your Insights.

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